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We're back from Honduras!

Jim, Jarib and Larry hanging out with some of our customers

Hey Everybody! Your BTLP team is back from Honduras. We wanted to tell everybody thanks for their support and we have some really amazing stories of the projects that we have undertaken and the amazing people that we have met. We’ll be telling these stories in the next few weeks.

We were staying at Borders Expanded Ministries near the city of Guicamaca, Honduras. Our location was just outside of the town of El Tomate. For those of you that don’t speak Spanish, that surprisingly means tomato. Your BTLP team’s task in this area was to start our work on eliminating energy poverty by providing solar electricity to 12 homes that did not previously have electricity. We even had a surprise task to provide power to two water chlorination systems for the ministry and the village of El Tomate. We brought along twelve home solar systems and two larger systems for the water purifiers for these tasks.

Everything was going according to plan…

And then, there was a Women’s conference at the ministry and a teacher from the village of Cruz Chicita said that there were no lights at the local school. After hearing this, we know we can’t have kids going to school with no lights so we took a look.

So here is what we did with the help of all of our new friends from Honduras:

1. Installed solar systems in 9 homes that did not have access to electricity

2. Installed a solar system on 1 water purification system on the ministry grounds

3. Installed 3 solar systems in the school in Cruz Chicita to provide lights and a plug for the teachers computer and printer

4. Identified a technician to maintain and support the new projects

I wanted to have an opportunity to tell you about two people that we met that truly inspired us. Trisha and Kelly Lawrence are the founders of Border’s Expanded Ministries. They both worked side by side with us, hosted us and organized the logistics behind all of the projects that we will be discussing in the next few weeks. Now get this everybody...During the last 3 years, they have built a church, provided a home for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking and have done amazing work with the special needs children in their area. They really love and care for all those around them and truly walk the walk of their Christian faith. Wow!

We’ll be posting pictures and videos from the trips, as well as some of the stories from the teacher and the various families that we met. BTLP will be going back to Honduras to continue our work in the area and finish up the solar for the village’s water purification system. We are also working with BE Ministries on an idea for another project that we will be talking to you guys about in the near future. Any guesses? Keep a lookout for a video in the near future for a woman that inspires and enlightens. That’s my hint.

Again, thanks to all of our supporters for their kind words and donations. This is our thing so let’s get it done! - Jim

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