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Beyond the Light has deployed Phase IV in central Nicaragua, in the villages of El Carmen and La Mora, and more recently in Mancarron, where we testing new ventilation systems in several homes. We have also recently completed a Phase III deployment in both Honduras and Nicaragua.  We've expanded operations to address Central Honduras, near the town of Guaimaca, where we've installed solar on 12 homes and 8 school as well as solar to power the village filtration system.​ In Nicaragua, we now have over 200 homes and over 30 schools powered with solar. 

This most recent Phase IV project involved a new aspect of our long-term goal. Here we had components shipped directly to Nicaragua for assembly in-country.  We trained local technicians to help assemble, install and repair solar kits. This is a major milestone in our goal to move to phase IV projects, which consist of higher quantity installs in addition to sourcing parts to the in-country assembly location and further training for local teams to build, repair and install solar systems. We continue to respond to new areas in desperate need of electricity.

With the support of our partners and generous donations of people like yourselves, we can help thousands in the fight against energy poverty.

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