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The Rogovy Foundation

Educate, Inspire, Enrich


The Rogovy Foundation invests in inspired people and nonprofit organizations that are working to help build a more enlightened and harmonious planet. They are guided by a set of Ideals whose values are to Educate, Inspire and Enrich. The Foundation’s Frontier Fund supports ground-breaking, innovative ideas within the program areas of Education, Civics, and the Environment. It seeks transformative and implementable solutions that inspire and propel toward a higher quality of life, in a world without borders. 

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More Than Medicine

BMDMI is a valuable partner that has been instrumental in the early efforts of Beyond the Light Project in our long-term strategy to eliminate energy poverty in Nicaragua.

Headquartered in Hattiesburg, BMDMI specializes in sending short-term volunteer teams focused on providing medical and dental care to remote areas of Central America & South Asia. BMDMI also owns, staffs, and operates a hospital and clinic, a children’s home and home for abused girls, Bible training institutes, and K-12 bilingual schools that aim to prepare locals for a prosperous future.

Universidad Maria Auxiliadora


UMA Solar Project

Bringing clean and renewable electrical energy to those who do not have it is the premise of this Project, which consists of placing solar panels on homes in Peru. 

“UMA Solar” is part of the “UMA Barrio” University Social Responsibility Program of the UMA and is linked to other entrepreneurship and health initiatives.

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