The Rogovy Foundation

Educate, Inspire, Enrich


The Rogovy Foundation invests in inspired people and nonprofit organizations that are working to help build a more enlightened and harmonious planet. They are guided by a set of Ideals whose values are to Educate, Inspire and Enrich. The Foundation’s Frontier Fund supports ground-breaking, innovative ideas within the program areas of Education, Civics, and the Environment. It seeks transformative and implementable solutions that inspire and propel toward a higher quality of life, in a world without borders. 

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More Than Medicine

BMDMI is a valuable partner that has been instrumental in the early efforts of Beyond the Light Project in our long-term strategy to eliminate energy poverty in Nicaragua.

Headquartered in Hattiesburg, BMDMI specializes in sending short-term volunteer teams focused on providing medical and dental care to remote areas of Central America & South Asia. BMDMI also owns, staffs, and operates a hospital and clinic, a children’s home and home for abused girls, Bible training institutes, and K-12 bilingual schools that aim to prepare locals for a prosperous future.