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BTLP Team Install Report for August

You all said that you want even more people to have electricity in Nicaragua and your BTLP team has heard you. We have been hard at work this week and have installed solar electrical systems, lights and charging for 15 homes so far. We are so honored to be able to serve these families that you see in the pictures.

It has been a great week so far, with the team even visiting 3 schools to install audio systems as part of our Access to Education Initiative. This initiative has effected 28 schools so far and we have expanded this to include a computer, projector, audio system and inverter. We have heard some great stories about how the schools are utilizing electricity to better the lives and education of these kids. It was pretty cool when I stopped by and saw a traditional dance team practicing their routine using the audio system. I can't wait to hear from these new schools.

Your BTLP team in Nicaragua has always amazed me, so I thought I would give you a nice picture of them in action.

You can see Alexi working on the roof. He is very good at installing and cleaning panels. You can see Alejandro carrying a lightbulb. He is always there to assist with the installation. Wilbert is documenting and surveying the customers. He is very precise with his documents. Pastor is getting supplies and getting everyone to help from the community. He is very charismatic and can inspire others. Harvey is taking pictures with the kids. He is a great leader and an amazing technician.

These guys inspire me everyday because they make the world around them a better place. If only everyone could do this...


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