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Solar Summer in Nicaragua

Your team was in the Matagalpa region in Nicaragua installing solar systems and checking in on some of the families in the area. We managed to install solar electrical systems in 15 new homes and check on some of the schools that were part of the Access to Education Initiative. You can see in the above picture that Allison even managed to learn how to play games with some of her smaller friends.

The first part of the trip was spent installing solar electrical systems in homes. During this time, there was some quite a bit of training and mentoring for all of the technicians. It is an exciting time for me because I can see the progress in the team in how they handle customer service and perform quality installations. They are self-sufficient and can complete an entire home in less than one hour.

After this we went to check in on the schools that are part of the Access to Education Initiative. This initiative is targeted at rural schools and improvement and expansion of their technical tools. There is some great news from the teachers. They reported that they are using their projectors and computers as a new tool to educate students by downloading online curriculum from the Nicaragua Ministry of Education website and having classes using the projectors. They have even managed to do weekly adult education classes and movies. We talked to a woman in the community, and she said her favorite movie that was shows was King Kong. These are some really good results from this program in these Solar Schools. The teachers reported that they felt like the kid's education is really benefiting from these new tools. We are excited about this new initiative.

This was a great trip where we saw some real positive impact to the solar community in Matagalpa region. So far, we have around 200 solar homes and 30 solar schools in this area. These are all supported from the area technicians Domingo and Alejandro. These families are very important to us and very grateful to everyone that is there to support them. It is always really cool to see them sitting on their front porch with their new porch lights. This is a really great way for them to have community in their neighborhoods.

This is inspiring for us to be able to support these families, teachers, students and technicians. It is not always all work for us. We even managed to get there in time for some celebrations, which is my favorite part of the job.

Take care and thank you for all of your support and kind messages.


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