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Our Concept

How do you get electricity to the billions  of people living without it today?

Our approach was to develop a simple, affordable solar kit providing basic features that will address the challenges faced by the underserved. To make this scaleable, we plan to empower, through education and training, local communities to build and deliver these kits. This will provide local jobs and create a sustainable process for addressing energy poverty.

Home Solution

1) 25W solar panel

2) 100Whr controller/battery

3) Lights - Two 3W LED

4) Fan - One 2.5W

School Solution

1) 2-3 100W solar panel

2) 100Whr controller/battery

3) Lights -  5-10 6W LED

4) Projector

Use Case

To determine their usage, we set the regulator to use about 60%  of the battery to extend the life so they can use about 60Whr in the evening.

Example Case:

Of the 60Whr of useable capacity, a typical case may use 51Whr.

4 hours of light – 3W * 2 bulbs * 4hr = 24Whr

2 hours of radio – 3W * 2hr = 6Whr

4 hours of fan – 2W * 4hr = 8Whr

Charge 2 phones = 10Whr

Charge the USB flashlight = 3Whr

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