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Our Purpose

Beyond the Light Project is a nonprofit providing means for families to access electricity that otherwise are left in the dark.

Our Product

A simple, affordable solution to a growing problem. Our solar kit consists of a solar panel, battery and connectors to provide power when families need it most.

Our Projects

Located in three communities to date, we continue to expand into other locations throughout Nicaragua and other Central American countries.

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Meet the team that is devoted and passionate about ending energy poverty. 



There are 150 home project sites installed to-date. On average there are 5 members per family ranging from babies to grandparents. They have little income and located off grid.


Evaluating the critical needs of these communities is a primary driver in what our product features we bring to them.

Status Quo

Without electricity, families today struggle to feed, educate, prosper and stay healthy in their current environment.

What's Needed 

Our evaluation shows that the most requested feature is lights. This is followed by cell phone charging, fans, ventalation, radio and refrigeration.


Electricity at home allows families to cook at convenient hours, reduces the repetitive need to go into town, and can rid homes of harmful fumes from cooking.

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