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Our Access to Education Initiative

Access to Education initiative is spreading in Nicaragua.

The Difference in Childrens Lives

The Access to Education program has now provided technological equipment and teacher training in ten large schools in the region, so far impacting hundreds of students. We have 20 other schools that have been equipped with solar panels and will be future opportunities for the Access to Education program.

With access to electricity through solar power, these schools are utilizing projectors, laptop computers, and audio systems, plugging them into the solar systems through inverters provided. The whole system was designed to function with minimal energy use, powered by the panels and batteries provided. The teachers are able to use the system for teaching and improved access to curriculum, and the school can host extracurricular activities such as school clubs and parent meetings. We expect an increase in these activities during the day and especially at night since the school will have functioning lights.


Through our program we have observed that school attendance decreases as grades advance, especially among males at the start of secondary school. With this enhancement of curriculum and increase in activities we anticipate improved school attendance in these higher grades. The measurable outcomes for this program will be the level of teaching and extra-curricular activities during the day, level of teaching and extra-curricular activities during the night, and school attendance. The goal is at least a 30% increase in activities overall and in attendance by 3rd to 5th grade students. These will be evaluated using a school survey as well as a report of school attendance records. The activity and attendance levels will be measured quarterly and will be statistically analyzed. The target beneficiary group will be the teachers and students in the Matagalpa region, with an anticipated participation of 60 teachers and 2000 students

Emmanuel Mongalo y Robio

After installing solar and battery to support this classroom, students get to experience for the first time, lessons delivered through a projector. Teachers are now able to demonstrate lessons in a more controlled and captivating way. This school supports nearly 200 students.


San Jose

As part of our goal is to bring new tools to the classroom including projectors and computers, training of these tools is critical to ensuring teachers are empowered to utlize them on a daily basis.


Cerro Grande Nivel

We are already starting to see amazing results from bringing the educational tools to the classroom and the electricity needed to power them. Here, kids are instructed to read aloud utilizing the projector and computer, providing a more immersive experience. This school supports nearly 100 students.

child reading.JPG

Andres Castro

Teachers are becoming empowered to deliver curriculum from multiple sources and keep their students engaged.

Teacher teaching.JPG
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