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Story of a Coffee Farmer in Honduras

Santos Isabel and his family

Hey Everybody! Sorry for the wait for the next blog, but we’ve been busy getting stuff built up for our trip to Nicaragua. Let’s talk about a family that we met that lives up a mountain from the city of Guiamaca, Honduras. Santos Isabel lives about 2 miles up a mountain in a home with his family. You’ll notice from his picture that farming and walking up and down the mountain get’s you in really good shape.

Santos supports his family by farming and picking coffee. He and his wife have 3 small children. The family gets up at 4am to start their day. To get light at that time, they use torches from the pine trees that they have in the area. The pine tar is flammable so it works pretty well and is the only solution they have. His wife cooks about 1 hour per meal for her family. Santos has a cellphone for communication that he pays 10 lempiras (about 0.40 USD) to charge.

What I personally found is that Santos and his wife are very talkative and told us all about the happenings in the area. I think that the solar electrical system will help his wife with food preparation and caring and educating their children. They have a special needs daughter that was really playful and friendly to all of us. I also think that Santos will be able to use the USB flashlight to travel up and down the mountain when it gets darker. Not only is he a farmer, but he spends time volunteering in the city. I always wonder what happens when you help people that help people. What an honor it is for BTLP to serve these families!

Again, thanks to all of our supporters for their kind words and donations. I’m super pumped to be able to visit this family in the near future and see how they are doing!

- Jim

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