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No One Said It Would Be Easy..

We've all experienced travel headaches, that much can be said. But if you're trying to hand carry solar panels along with your belongings for a week in Honduras, you know you're in for some interesting airport experiences. When the team arrived in Houston on their way to Honduras, they were met with lots of questions and restrictions, like an embargo for bags greater than 50 lbs. (we should have realized this before getting to the airport). So rather than sacrifice our solar project, what did the team do? Well, obviously they chucked all the unnecessary items like underwear, toothbrushes and Larry even ate all 15 cliff bars that he brought for the trip. So to top that, Jimmy decided to wear all of his clothes in layers!

The great news is that the team arrived safely in Honduras and made their way to our point of destination, the village of El Tomate. After resting from the trip, the second day in Honduras started with the installation of the solar powered water filtration systems. We'll be working on getting two water systems up and running for the village. They have been without clean drinking water for too long. The team is also starting work on solar systems for families in the area. One in particular is the home of a woman and her three school aged children. We tried to get photos and a video of her but she was very emotional. This means so much to her and her family that we decided to just enjoy the moment with her. But one of the most important things to her is the fact that her children, who she said are having trouble in school, can now spend more time studying at home in the evenings. She knows this will make a huge difference!

Over the next couple days, we're continuing work on the water systems and will be receiving more of our kits, which were shipped down to Honduras by normal freight methods (If you were wondering, no we didn't try to hand carry all the kits on our flight). We'll be heading to the coffee region once the rest of the kits arrive and working on the homes of those families we've identified that need our help. Look for more updates in the coming days!

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