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Heading to Honduras!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for being part of the battle to end energy poverty in a sustainable way. Your donations have truly helped our cause. In fact, we’re using those donations to fuel our next project at the end of August.

We last mentioned that our next project, taking place in Nicaragua in September, was on track; however, the conditions in the country have not improved enough for us to work on providing electricity to more homes in the village of Los Chiles at this time. The good news is that from what we hear from our Nicaraguan team members Jarib and Pastor Domingo, all the solar systems we’ve already installed are running well, and the team continues receiving wonderful feedback from the families we’ve impacted. We are still planning to head back to Nicaragua early next year, but rather than postpone our current plans, we have taken the opportunity to turn our focus to Honduras. There, we have identified several projects that we are very excited to take on. With your help, we will be able to initiate these projects crucial to that developing area and do some incredible work down there!

What exactly are these projects you ask? Well, for our Honduras-centered projects, we will be working on two water purification systems in the village of El Tomate, which have been lacking a power source to operate. This means that for too long, the people of that village have been unable to purify their water of dirt, bacteria and other undesirable contaminates even though the purification system is in place. To fix this, we will connect our solar kit, which includes a 50W solar panel and charger, to a battery system to power each purification system. Soon, clean water will flow to the village in El Tomate! This is SUPER EXCITING for us because…well, you know…people need clean water.

The other segment of our rehabilitation projects we will be installing solar systems on homes in the village of El Tomate and Ruedas de Tejas. We have an entire list of families eagerly awaiting a chance to have electricity in their homes for the first time! In the coming months, we look forward to sharing more about them and how electricity will affect their lives for the better. We’re also planning to create technician jobs for local villagers that will allow them to get paid to maintain and repair the systems in their own towns. Our team, including Larry and Jarib, can’t wait to impart with those individuals the art of electronics and solar repair, which is something they can use to improve the lives of their friends and family for years to come.

Again, thank you so much for being part of this fantastic organization!

Jim and Omar

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