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This is Jonatan and this time I´m going to talk about the field research in Matagalpa, let´s see!

The daughter of our field researcher is wearing the latest fashion trend that is popular in all of the schools. Field research is very important to Beyond the Light Project because it is the way we can get feedback from the families that get solar electricity. We use this feedback to see how the systems are working, how the families are changing and what kind of issues these families are facing. It is very important to get good information from our customers so we can do our best to serve them.

In this case below, we met this family and asked a lot of questions about their lives to help us to know their needs and how the solar energy will help to make their lives better. We sat down with them and had a great talk about their everyday lives. We enjoyed listening to the answers. They told us about how many times a day they cook, what food they cook on wood fire, about the daily activities such us going to work, kids going to school, the family going to church together, kids doing homework in the afternoon and going to school activities. We really had an open conversation with them so we gathered as much information as we could.

This family gets up in the morning at 5am and goes to bed at 7pm. They like to read story books before the dark falls. They also like to sit down together and talk about the daily activities. The parents usually review the school homework with their kids. All of these activities actually happen on a daily basis with this family.

After the systems have been in the family homes, we even talk with them about how their lives are changing. Our new field researcher is Damaris and she talks to the families about the operation of their systems. Damaris gives them surveys and talks to them about how their systems are working and how their lives are changing. She really does a great job talking with our customers so that we will know how to do better for them. Here are some pictures that she sent with some of the families that she has visited with solar electrical systems in their house.

Our new field researcher Damaris

Our customers with their surveys. Great job Damaris!

I can tell you that I learned a lot after talking with these people. Where I come from things are a little different. I learned that they really hustle to survive every single day for a better life. Their goals are for their kids to have a good education and they work every day to develop and build their community.

We encourage you to join Beyond The Light Project to help these families with solar energy. We know that we can build a better world by providing resources to all those people who really need it. Let´s get together in this and build lives with a shining light of hope so get in contact with us and let´s work together for a better future!!!!



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