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Story of a Family Man

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Here is a picture of Eugenio and one of he and his son learning about his new BTLP solar system

Hey everybody. All of us here at Beyond the Light Project want to bring you another story of an amazing family that we worked with to install electricity on their home. We also want to remind you guys to continue to pray for the people of Nicaragua in their time of need.

We got to know Eugenio Ramirez really well because we installed a solar system in his home and he became our guide throughout the region of La Mora, Nicaragua. Eugenio lives in a home very far away from the main village with his family. Eugenio is 36 years old and lives with his wife and 4 children. His children are 15, 13, 8 and 4 years old and all go to school. Now remember that his house is about 2 miles away from the village and the only way to get there is by walking a small trail through the mountains. These are some really amazing children, as they have to walk this trail to go to school, church and anytime they want to go into the main village. I am embarrassed because I used to complain about walking 100 feet to catch the bus when I was in school. We at BTLP are super happy that the kids now have light in their home so they can study at night.

Another reason we are happy is because Eugenio is a strong leader in his community, and his main way of communication is through his cell phone. He is able to talk to everyone for church and his job and now he can charge his cellphone in his own home. Before, he used to have to walk into town just to charge his cellphone. Eugenio works very hard doing farming and as a security guard in the evening. He is a strong Christian and is a member of the local Baptist Church in La Mora, where the pastor is Pastor Angel. That is another story, because we actually installed a solar system in his church. Eugenio’s wife also works very hard for the family and cooks about 3 hours per day to feed them, in addition to doing plenty of labor to support them. We were blessed to serve him and his family, as well as getting to know them. Eugenio has a great sense of humor and a strong commitment to his community.

One thing we were thinking about that would be a great empowering gift for them is to provide small USB rechargeable flashlights to these people to help them walk the dark trails at night. With your donations, we’re going to do it!

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