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Solar News for May from the team in El Carmen

What a great team that we have in El Carmen and La Mora

I know it has been awhile since my last blog, but a lot has been happening with our new solar homes and schools. We are also proud that we will be installing another 15 homes around the village of El Carmen and La Mora Nicaragua. Pastor Domingo, Alexi and Pastor Angel have been busy maintaining solar systems in over 60 homes and 12 schools in their area.

Making sure that all of the lights are on for the kids at school is a big job for Pastor Domingo. He visits the schools and checks in with the teachers and directors to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Pastor Domingo fixes a light socket in a school

The solar schools project is really important for this area, as there are many schools that still do not have lights or electricity. Beyond the Light Project is looking at expanding this program in the area and have received over 10 letters from schools that are now on our list for solar electrical systems. We are even trying to expand this project to give tools to the teachers that will help expand education for the children in this area. We are planning on visiting these schools in July and installing a solar system in each of the schools.

A teacher in one of our solar schools

Harvey will be bringing supplies to El Carmen to work with Pastor Domingo and Alexi next week to install solar electrical systems in 15 homes and start the battery rotation program in La Mora by upgrading 12 systems with new batteries. They are also starting the battery center in El Carmen with a large panel and a battery refurbishment charger. This will enable Beyond the Light Project to rotate the batteries in all of the homes and make sure these families always have light. We think that this will extend the battery lifetime significantly so this is a really good thing. I am going to miss this trip due to travel difficulties, but hope to make the trip in July.

One really neat thing that we are doing, along with our partners BMDMI, is to have provide a food and medicine package for the families in the area. Aurora at BMDMI is really amazing. Along with solar, the families will get a package of medicines, 5lbs of rice and 5lbs of beans and some other food.

Here are the food packets for the families. Thanks Aurora!

This is really a great experience for us to help these families. We are really blessed to be part of this and really hope that our team will do some great work next week for these people.


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May 16, 2020

Good going Jim! You're an Electric Saint!!!

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