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Solar Homes around La Fonseca

Harvey, Wilbert, Pastor and I made a trip to La Fonseca Nicaragua so setup some solar homes, schools and clinics in the area. The picture above shows the students from our latest solar school in the village of Maritza Quezada. You can see our newest trained technician on the right of the picture in the red hat. His name is Alexei and he is passionate about improving his community with solar electricity.

This region is in the south of Nicaragua in the area of Nueva Guinea. It has very different types of trees, fruits and climate than that of Matagalpa. Harvey and Wilbert visited them last year to check on the region and found that there was a great need for solar electricity. This is a farming and ranching community so the villages are far from the electrical grid. I found the people welcoming and friendly. They even let me ride a burro and carry a machete.

In fact, the transportation was very difficult so we had to carry a lot of our supplies this way.

We stayed with the family of our new technician, Alexei. He is a teacher and community leader in the village of La Fonseca. His home was beautiful and his family was friendly and welcoming.

His wife and mom were amazing cooks and we celebrated at the end of the trip with some rooster.

Here are some pictures of a clinic that we got the opportunity to put in a solar electrical system. Before this, the clinic was very dark and the community nurse had much difficulty seeing the patients in the exam room and used his cellphone light for examinations. They reported that if there was an emergency at night, they could not provide good care to the patient. We are so excited to be able to provide a solar electrical system with lights to this clinic so that they can provide great service to the people.

Here is a picture that the teacher sent of the students using the school at night. I really loved this teacher. She was passionate about providing an education for these students and is excited about the new tools that are available to her.

We went from home to home in the different villages in this area and there were many families living without electricity. BTLP is so honored to served these families and watch their lives improve. Here are pics of some of the families with their new systems.

We met many people in La Fonseca and made many friends.

Alexei has been doing a great job in maintaining these new solar homes, schools and clinics. I really look forward to going back to install more homes and see the effects of having the solar electrical systems on these families.


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