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Ready for more solar schools and homes!

The BTLP solar crew in Nicaragua are getting everything ready to install 15 more homes and 5 more schools with electricity next week. You can see above that Harvey and Pastor are working through the night getting the supplies and planning the homes. Nothing can stop these guys from providing electricity to the families, students and teachers in Nicaragua. They work through the night and Alexi will even work on the roof in the rain for his customers using his handy drill.

During the trip next week, BTLP and BMDMI are organizing another mask making project to help protect the people in the villages and schools from the virus. It worked very well last time and the ladies in the village made over 200 masks. This time, they will make even more for the teachers and children in area schools. I will walk you through the process that we go through to make masks during our mask-making workshops.

First, the ladies watch an instructional video on the procedures for making the masks. We even have some children in there to help out.

The supplies and patterns are ready for cutting and sewing on the tables.

We have some sewing machines to sew the materials.

And the end result is a bunch of great looking washable masks that can help keep these people healthy. Allison and Aurora really did a great job in designing this process and getting all of the materials together. BTLP and BMDMI sure do make a great team.

Here is the end result from some of our fashion models. Those are great looking masks!

We are really blessed to be able to provide solar electricity and masks to these people during these trying times. BTLP Nicaragua has really adjusted well to the new conditions due to the virus and has been able to continue to do their mission. I will hopefully be able to join them in December if travel opens up for more good work on our ventilation project. Please consider supporting this team, as they continue to work on providing solar electricity, masks and ventilation to people who live in energy poverty.


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