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Nothing stops this team!

Your BTLP team has been super busy this super busy this summer serving the villages in the state of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We did something different this time because of the travel restrictions due to the virus. We call this the MADE IN NICARAGUA plan. The BLTP team, lead by Harvey and Domingo along with Alexi, assembled all of the solar systems that were used in these homes and schools. This is a big step for BTLP because these guys have shown that they are an independent team that can design, build, install, evaluate and maintain solar electrical systems. This is really an amazing crew.

This summer, the team installed over 30 solar electrical systems in homes and 5 solar electrical systems in schools. They also went further because they truly care about their community. They wanted to protect their communities, so they put together a mask making workshop. People came in from the community and made over 160 masks in 3 days. They even delivered food and medicine packets to over 100 families in their communities. Your BTLP team inspires me everyday.

Here is a picture of the mask making workshop. These ladies sure are talented!

To improve their productivity, they went from hand-sewing the masks to using two sewing machines. Look how happy this makes Sandra…

We even got help from some of our younger team members with unloading the food and medicine family packs from the truck. Can you believe the team supplied 100 of these packs to these needy families in the mountains?

These schools are very happy to have electricity to help enhance these kid’s education. BTLP has some big plans for these 15 schools that we hope to fulfill with your help. Because of all of the work from our team and donors, we now have supplied electricity to over 25 schools in the countries of Nicaragua and Honduras. That is really an accomplishment that we can be proud of.

I know these are tough times, but we are happy that we have such a great team. I want to really thank Harvey, Domingo, Alexi, Abel, Damaris and everyone else who supported this project. These people really inspire me and I am honored to be part of BTLP.


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