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News from La Mora

Yasmina showing off her solar system during a visit from Pastor Domingo

I wanted to share some of the news and pictures that we are getting from the villages of La Mora and El Comejen from the best technician around, Pastor Domingo. I know everybody has been experiencing some difficult times if you live in Nicaragua. I have seen your facebook posts, read the news and talked to Jarib. In spite of this, let's hear about some of the good things happening and see some of the wonderful people that have been impacted from their solar systems.

Pastor Domingo has been inspecting and repairing systems in the El Comejen and La Mora area for the last year. He has reported that all of the systems in the area are up and running. Here is a quick story about one of the systems that recently had an issue. We previously wrote a story about Eugenio Ramirez and his family in the village of La Mora. He reported that his system stopped working due to some kind of storm causing a lightning strike. Pastor Domingo travelled from El Comejen to La Mora to diagnose the issue and fix the system. He found and replaced the fuse in the system to bring it back up and all is well, so the Ramirez family has electricity once again. Travel has been difficult due to road closures and such, but Pastor Domingo is passionate about serving so this is no problem for him.

Pastor is inspecting the solar panel and wiring on the Ramirez Family Roof

Pastor Domingo used this opportunity to also go around to the houses to check on the systems in the village of La Mora and take some pictures with the families. Here are some pictures that he wanted to share with all of you supporters of these wonderful people and their families.

Here is Arellys with her beautiful baby.

An excited Santiago showing off his working solar system

The team is excited about going back to this area to install more systems and set up our battery center there in the near future. We should all be proud and supportive of the work that Pastor Domingo is doing by repairing systems and visiting these families. Pastor is an true inspiration to all of us and is doing some really great work for these families. Jarib is going to see the Pastor this week, so we'll all hear more about the happenings in the villages. If you have any prayers and words of encouragement, please send them so we can relay these to the Pastor and the families of this area.

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