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Jonatan writes about meeting the Munoz family in La Mora

The Munoz family are so happy now that they have light in their house. Let me tell you a little about them…

This is the Munoz family, Mrs. Eddy Munoz and her husband Mr. Juan Hernandez who are responsible of this beautiful family. There are eight people living in this house that also includes the parents, two daughters, one son and two grandchildren. They used to go to charge their cellphones at a neighbor’s house where they would pay C$5 Cordobas for each phone, but now they can use their solar electrical system. They usually get up at 5AM in the morning and go to bed at 7PM. The young ones go to school in the morning and when they get back home, they like to spend about an hour reading stories and doing school homework. They also love to sit and have a conversation about what they did in the day because they are really a united family.

We drove to this house, which is located fifteen minutes outside of La Mora village. The house was built on the side of a mountain next to the highway where it is surrounded with all kind of trees like coffee, oranges, mangos, avocados, lemon and guava. We walked up there and told the good news to Mrs. Munoz that we were setting up solar for the family and putting lights inside of the house. In this picture Roberto was trying to explain how the light bulbs will be set up but something went wrong with his hand so we thought that he was talking about a spider jajajaja.

After installing the solar electricity we sat with the family and talked a little bit about their daily life. This family keeps busy the whole day. Dad works 8 hours cutting coffee beans to earn some money. Mom takes care of the kids preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for them on a woodfire stove. The kids help somehow to keep the house clean and everything in place.

We also took the time to talk to them about having the solar electricity at home where we educated them how to properly use it and take care of it. We also told them who to contact in case they need technical support. We also set up expectations with them about coming back soon to see how their lives have changed now that they have solar electricity at home. You can see Pastor Angel in the picture. He leads the Baptist Church in La Mora and supports Beyond the Light Project by reaching out and getting in contact with the Munoz family.

I can tell that this was an amazing experience being at this house and giving them the opportunity to have a better life style by installing solar electricity in their house. We had lot of fun with jokes, laughs and singing with the kids. We also took several photos with some members of the family and it felt like we were really at home. We encourage you to join us to help more families and give them ways to improve their life conditions. Together, let´s build a better world for us and for others that really need your valuable helping hand. So remember to get in touch with Beyond The Light Project and help us with our vision and mission.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this short story, you can go to the link and get more information about how you can contribute with us.


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