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Heading to Honduras and Nicaragua!

Here is one of the schools in Nicaragua that will soon have electricity and lights

Your BTLP team will be heading to Honduras and Nicaragua next week to get busy with the work in alleviating some of the energy poverty in the areas of Guiamaca and El Carmen. Lots of people have been getting everything ready with the building, scouting, shipping and planning. A big shoutout to our partners at BMDMI and BE Ministries. We will be putting up panels, lights, fans and controllers (among other things) in 14 schools and 12 homes, as well as taking data on the homes and school that we have already installed.

Here is the scoop:

1. Leaving for Honduras on March 9 and will install the 100W system in 7 schools

2. Leaving for Nicaragua on March 17 (St Paddy's Day) and will install the 100W system in 7 schools and 20W systems in 12 homes with .

3. While in Nicaragua, we are taking data from all the families that have had electricity for almost 2 years and checking their systems getting information on the impact that electricity has had on their lives.

4. Also in Nicaragua, we will be doing training, setting up a battery refurbishment center and meeting with some other groups about the next bunch of schools as well as some other projects.

Thanks so much for your donations and words of support (keep em coming). The team is really excited and ready to go.

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