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Getting ready to install some systems!

Junior Engineer Cal is working on boxes for homes in Nicaragua. Watch that Hole alignment Cal!

Wanted to let you guys know that the team is getting ready to head to Nicaragua and Honduras to install some systems in 14 schools and 15 homes. We are super excited to see all of our friends down there and meet some new ones!

For the Nicaraguan installation, shipments of panels and batteries are in Managua, and our partners at BMDMI are getting that through customs right now. Aurora is really doing a great job down there pushing that through. As you can see in the pic, we are busy building the controllers and cabling to make sure that the schools and homes get a quality product. Pastor Domingo is working in the field making sure everything is all ready for the new schools and homes that will get electricity. All of this should come together for a trip by the end of the month or so. Stay tuned...

For the Honduran installation, our shipment of systems from New Orleans should be arriving in Tegucigalpa on Feb 5. Our shipping team dropped them off at New Orleans and even had a little time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. Our partners in Honduras, BE Ministries, are going to pick up the stuff in their fancy truck to get them to Guiamaca. This is our pilot project, where we will install the new 100W systems in 7 schools in Honduras and even pay a visit to Teacher Anny to see how things are going in Cruz Chicita. If all goes well, the superintendent has identified 33 schools that we will try and finish this summer. This is really a great opportunity setup by Trisha and we really look forward to it. This trip is happening in early March, and we are including the famous nurse practitioner Allison Huffman. She's gonna be taking some data to look at effects of electricity on those that were previously living in energy poverty. She sure is smart.

Again, thank you for all your support and we really look forward to telling you the stories of the people and adventures.


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