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BTLP Humanitarian Work for Hurricane Iota

The BTLP team is back from helping people in the Matagalpa region. Here are some of the details and pictures from their trip. Your team worked in the region around El Carmen from December 14 to December 18. One of their jobs besides solar work was to provide humanitarian supplies to the families affected by Hurricane Iota. They took supplies to provide food, medicine and hygiene kits to 100 families in the area. The team also gave the people clothing and blankets to help with what they have lost in this disaster. We felt like this was important after so many lives were lost and houses destroyed by the Hurricane.

Many of the families that were affected by this disaster lost their homes, crops, animals and family members to a landslide in the community of Pena Blanca caused by the extensive flooding from Hurricane Iota.

Hurricane Iota made landfall 13 days after the region was hit by Hurricane Eta. In this region around Pena Blanca, approximately 25 families were displaced and 20 people were killed. Many of the displaced families can be seen on the picture below who are being helped by the church, government and members of the community in this region of Matagalpa.

Pastor Domingo lives near the area of Pena Blanca in the town of El Carmen. He supports the BTLP solar team in this area and supports over 100 homes and 20 schools with solar electrical systems. He organized this humanitarian relief by going through the area and making a list of the families that were affected. His church is currently a temporary home for many of the displaced families.

It will take time for this area to heal after the destruction of Hurricane Iota. Some of the people are still injured and many of the families do not have a place to live yet. Some of the families are staying at Pastor Domingo's church in El Carmen until they find a permanent place to stay.

Your BTLP team has provided temporary relief to these people and shown them that we see them and care for them. I don’t know about you but that’s pretty cool.


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