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BTL Nicaragua team hard at work for the kids

Your BTL Nicaragua team has been busy visiting schools that will soon get solar electricity installed. This field work is very important to our mission and the team has located and interviewed the next 5 schools that we will be providing solar electrical systems this July.

BTL Field Research Team

Harvey, Pastor Domingo, Alexi and a trainee visited our next 5 schools by motorcycle. Their mission was to :

1. Interview the teacher and get approval

2. Check the security of the area and make sure there was community buy-in

3. Take pictures and look at the layout of the buildings

Harvey tells me that riding motorcycles through the countryside was the most efficient way to get around the mountain areas. I think that he wants to mount all of our equipment on these bikes and see if we can do our installations that way. I know what you are thinking - - Harvey is crazy! I like the land cruiser better for this.

They checked the 5 schools and gave their approval, so we will be installing a solar electrical system in each of these schools. The communities here are very excited about this and really see the possibilities that they have with electricity in their schools. Pastor Domingo says that there are many more schools that are requesting electricity so let's get busy!

Harvey is interviewing and Pastor is giving his thumbs up!

They even went to the schools where we installed electricity in March and found that they are really doing well. Two of the schools have raised money for buying an inverter for a sound system and computer, so things are really moving. In July, we will be doing training on how to do the inverter install and how to measure and calculate power for the new equipment that will be used to benefit the kid's education.

These guys are really making a difference in the lives of their communities. I am inspired by their efforts and will continue to do my best for them. Please continue to support our educational outreach program by contributing to Beyond the Light Project. Our plan is to for every school in this area to have electricity and for the kids to have access to the educational tools that they need for their future. We need them and they need us!


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