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12 homes, 5 schools and a movie!

As you can see, our big time head of research is posing again with another family that now has electricity in their home. You BTLP team is finished with their latest project and it was very successful. For the last 10 days, the crew worked, celebrated and ate lots of food that was provided by all of these wonderful people.

We met lots of new friends and were able to visit lots of old friends.

Here is what we accomplished:

1. Installed solar electrical systems in 12 new homes

2. Installed solar electrical systems in 5 new schools

3. Visited many of the existing homes and schools that we had previously installed solar electrical systems

4. Had our first movie night at a school using the installed solar electrical system

5. Took plenty of data on how lives have been changed

6. Started a new health related project on wood burning stove ventilation

7. Met with the faculty at the health university in Managua to begin collaboration with them on research

8. Jim gained about 5 pounds from all of the eating

I'll tell you about the team members and their accomplishments later, but everyone at BTLP, BMDMI and local people in these areas really pulled together and did some great work.

The family pictured above was really awesome. They live outside of La Mora and we were introduced to them by Pastor Angel. This family has 4 women and 5 children living in their household and live on the side of a mountain close to the road. They are very excited to be able to have lights in their house now.

Professor Huffman got to know this family and discussed their life. She was assisted by Jonathon, a team member shown below. Jonathon was an amazing communicator and a really good singer. He really has a gift when it comes to talking and motivating children. This is his first trip with the solar project, but he was a great addition.

Here is Jonathon talking with the new family and Pastor Angel on the porch

We'll have plenty more to tell you about these people in the next couple of months, so get ready!


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