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Energy poverty is a daily struggle for millions of people, having serious consequences. Health issues from the indoor air pollutants caused by the burning of dirty fuels leads to 1 in 14 deaths. Lights are essential when trying to get an education, where the only access to light at night might be in a far off town. And imaging not having refrigeration to preserve food and meals. Its our mission to find solutions to this crisis.

We are dedicated to educating and training underserved communities, providing methods to empower these communities to have a sustainable means of harnessing  solar to provide electricity to the local families. These families are off grid, only able to access electricity in far away towns. Beyond the Light is bringing a much needed solution to this problem.


Of the 150 current home sites, the average number of family members per home is 4.8 members. The age distribution is illustrated in the chart above.

Age Range of Family2_edited.jpg


Families were asked to rank their preferences from 1 to 5 (1 being the most necessary and 5 being the least necessary) for the following choices:

Lights,  Fans, Cell Phone Charger, Radio and Refrigerator


- Average Time to start the day: 4:11am

- Average Time to go to sleep: 7:17pm

- Average Amount of time spent cooking: 3.88hrs

- Percentage of Respondents with 1 cellphone in the home: > 90%

- Most common method to charge cellphone: walk to village and use power there (many pay 5C)

- Most common method for children to study: study during the day only

- Most common method for light: candle or small flashlight

- Most common method for food storage: aluminum containers

- Most common method for cooking: wood burning

- Almost all respondents said they knew very little about electricity

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